How to Play Mortal Kombat 11


Deal with the combat system, the main modes and other important aspects of the fighting game.

How to Attack and Defend

In Mortal Kombat 11, short chains of standard punches are of great importance, as well as the ability to use long-range attacks and jumps.

Four standard attacks, as before, are tied to buttons on the right side of the controller. On PlayStation 4, a square and a triangle are responsible for hand strikes, and a cross and a circle are responsible for kicks. On Xbox One, these are the X, Y, A, and B buttons, respectively. Try different sequences of these buttons and combine with the D-pad to use special strokes.

How to Play Mortal Kombat 11

Almost every attack depends on the character chosen. If you’re playing offline, tap pause and see the list of available beats. For example, with a “square-triangle-square” combination, one fighter can cause severe damage, and another hero will not have such a sequence at all.

The principle of battles in Mortal Kombat 11 is as follows: if you do not attack the opponent, then block his blows. The block has an upper and a lower one. So that the enemy does not harm, you must quickly navigate and choose the appropriate option. For a block, hold the right trigger on the controller. If you press the button at the moment of the enemy’s strike, you will make a quick and effective counterattack.

If you block the blows too often, the enemy can take advantage of this and grab you. The same is available to you: tap on L1 or LB on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively, standing next to the opponent. So you will first inflict a lot of damage on it, and then also throw it aside. Enemy capture can be interrupted by quickly pressing one of the strike buttons on the right side of the controller.

How to Do More Damage

There are several techniques that will help you turn the tide of the fight in your favor. They are especially useful if you are fighting a strong player.

Fatal Blows

Such attacks appeared only in Mortal Kombat 11. They are available when you have less than 30% of your health left. You can use them once a round. If the opponent does not block the fatal blow, then you will deprive him of about a quarter of his health.

Enhanced attacks

Each fighter has several punches that are amplified by an attacking energy scale at the bottom of the screen. Tap on R1 on PlayStation 4 or on RB on Xbox One during a specific attack – which one can be found on the beat list screen. For example, thanks to its famous combination with a spear, Scorpio makes consistent powerful blows, and the opponent does not even have time to react.

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