How to Play Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners


These tricks will help you get the best experience out of the game.

1. Take care of your horse

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you will have to ride a lot of horses. The animal must be protected: do not crash on it into trees, stones and buildings and do not jump from a great height.

The more time you use one horse, the stronger your bond with it. This affects her endurance and amount of health, and also gives additional opportunities like streaming to the side on the go.

How to Play Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners

Always have a few vials of medication for the horse with you – in case he does get injured. Otherwise, you will have to shoot it and buy (or steal) a new one.

2. Be careful with the law

The game has a very well-thought-out police system: the lawyers draw conclusions based on the testimony of witnesses and what they see themselves. For example, if someone catches Arthur with a weapon in his hands next to a corpse, the hero will be considered a criminal regardless of who actually killed the person.

To prevent this from happening, you can shoot or intimidate an eyewitness. And if problems with the law still appeared, then it is best to pay a fine – this can be done at the post office in almost any city.

How to Play Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners

Another important thing: do not forget to hide your face behind a bandana and change clothes if you are going to commit a crime. No one will recognize you that way.

3. Upgrade Dutch’s tent

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to monitor the camp: improve it, hand over money and food to the dormitory. Upgrading Dutch’s tent costs $220, but you need to get it as early as possible because then other gang members will be more willing to share their resources.

4. Complete several story missions to open the buyer’s shop

How to Play Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners

Arthur Morgan is a bandit, and robberies occupy a significant part of his activities. But there will be no one to sell the stolen goods until you go through several story missions.

When access to the buyer’s shop opens, it will be possible not only to hand over the loot, but also to create talismans. They give small enhancements to the characteristics, and their manufacture requires jewelry and parts of animals.

5. Don’t forget about clothes

In those bags that are on the horse, you can store items. We advise putting a few hats and a warm jacket in there. The first will come in handy if your hat is lost, and the second – if fate brings Arthur to a cold region.

How to Play Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners

6. Shoot in the air

If you press the “up” button on the crosshairs while aiming, the hero will raise his hand with the weapon. This makes it possible to shoot in the air. Very useful if you need to scare people or animals.

7. Take a look at the control settings

Like Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 by default requires you to press the button (“X” on PlayStation 4 or “A” on Xbox One) to run. This can quickly get boring – fortunately, the game has a setting that allows you to press the run button only once.

How to Play Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners

8. Help random characters

Such mini-quests are very useful, because the characters you helped can meet in other tasks. And for acts of kindness, sometimes they give useful things like weapons or clothes.

9. At the beginning of the game, collect everything you can

Search corpses (but not civilians – this is condemned), boxes, cabinets. This is a good way to get hold of money and resources.

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