5 Reasons to Buy a Console Instead of a Gaming PC

If you are in doubt, which gaming platform is better to choose.

1. Consoles are cheaper

With the prices of components for PCs in the USA, trouble. The fall of the ruble and the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies have led to the fact that to build a computer that can pull modern games at least 30 FPS with console graphics, you need at least 40-50 thousand rubles.

5 Reasons to Buy a Console Instead of a Gaming PC

Prices for consoles, meanwhile, practically do not change. Basic Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will now cost 20-25 thousand rubles – about the same as a normal video card for a PC. Even if you want to play on a console with top-end graphics, then you do not have to give more than 40 thousand. A computer similar in power for less than 60 thousand can not be assembled.

2. On consoles, excellent exclusives

Despite the fact that Microsoft is trying to build a single ecosystem for computers and Xbox One, even at this publisher, some games are available only on the console. For example, Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive.

5 Reasons to Buy a Console Instead of a Gaming PC

Almost all Sony and Nintendo games are released exclusively on the consoles of these companies. Masterpieces like Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted can only be played on PlayStation. And the colorful Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey are legally available only on Switch.

Console exclusives are dozens of games that were created by developers specifically for their respective platforms. They are most often perfectly optimized for the hardware and control schemes of specific platforms, so playing them is a real pleasure. This is a huge and important layer of the gaming industry, which is deprived of PC players.

5 Reasons to Buy a Console Instead of a Gaming PC

3. There are no cheaters on consoles

Cheaters are a big problem with PC gaming. For anymore or less popular multiplayer game, sooner or later cheats are created. Then the developers of the game enter into a race with the manufacturers of these programs. Studios are trying to reduce the capabilities of hackers, and the creators of cheats are trying to circumvent these restrictions.

Developers win in this confrontation infrequently. So, in GTA V on PC, there are still a lot of cheaters, although four years have passed since the release of the game. Recently, they’ve even learned how to kill other players in single-player mode. In CS:GO, one of the most popular games on PC, the chance of stumbling upon dishonest players is also great, although valve regularly updates its anti-cheat.

5 Reasons to Buy a Console Instead of a Gaming PC

Console operating systems are closed, and third-party programs cannot be installed on them. Therefore, there are no cheaters on them. There are only players who connect mice and keyboards to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 out of a desire to get a dishonest advantage, but they are extremely few.

One of the main advantages of consoles is that they don’t need to be updated for a long time. Console generations change every 6-7 years, and all games released during this time most often go fine, even on the very first versions of the platforms. Of course, towards the end of the generation (as it is now), the basic versions of the consoles do not show the best performance, but you can still play comfortably on them.

5 Reasons to Buy a Console Instead of a Gaming PC

Computer components become obsolete much faster. The video card, which at the time of release pulls all the new items in 60 FPS at high settings, after 3-4 years can barely produce 30 frames per second on average.

5. Console games can be bought with your hands and sold

Physical copies of PC games have all but disappeared. Now, even if you buy a computer game on a disc, you have to activate it on some digital platform. At the same time, on consoles, carriers can be bought from dealers and from the hands – it turns out to be much cheaper. You can also sell CDs with completed projects, and use the money received to buy new games.

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