5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fortnite


Many gamers believe that the shooter is not worthy of attention. And in vain.

1. The game is popular

Fortnite is now one of the most popular games in the world. For some, this may be a minus, but for fans of the competitive mode, this is a huge plus. After all, the more players, the more accurate matchmaking. The more chances that the system will select opponents for the battle, whose skills are comparable to yours. So, the fight will be exciting and make you sweat.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fortnite

Another plus of popularity: the developers carefully monitor the game. Consequently, its servers are always available, almost any error is fixed in a matter of minutes, and the optimization is just wonderful. Fortnite goes well even on weak laptops with built-in graphics in the processor.

2. Developers listen to players

In terms of the level of work with the community, Epic Games bypasses almost all other major studios. It usually takes months to make a change to a popular multiplayer game. Each object, emotion or skin needs to be approved, created, animated, added to the project, tested in all possible conditions and only then included in the update.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fortnite

Fortnite authors manage to reduce this time to several weeks, which allows them to constantly maintain a dialogue with gamers. For example, once Epic Games Added Haunted Hills — New map location a whole location on the game map, inspired by the drawing of a Reddit user.

And the Dance of Orange Justice Appeared Fortnite’s ‘Orange Shirt Kid’ gets justice after a new dance added to the game in Fortnite simply because the community really liked it. In addition, the studio often changes the characteristics of weapons and gadgets, listening to the opinions of players.

3. Epic events periodically take place in the shooter

One of the main differences between Fortnite and many other “battle royale” is global events, which periodically happen on the game map. They are visible to all users at the same time. Therefore, when something big happens, there is a sense of community: you observe what is happening not alone, but together with hundreds of thousands of other people.

There’s a lot to see. Then the magician will send a snow storm to the whole map, then a huge crack will appear in the sky, then a popular DJ will arrange his concert in the game. Something unusual happens every few weeks.

4. You can build anything in Fortnite

At its core, Fortnite is a shooter, but the game also has a peaceful “creative mode“, reminiscent of that of Minecraft. In it, the current character gets at his disposal a whole island, on which he can build anything from almost any blocks that are in the game.

Wooden and stone walls, traps, buttons, trampolines, accelerators – the choice of items is huge. If desired, you can make a game mode from the level: a fake, a race or something completely new.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fortnite

If you do not want to create something yourself, then you can study the creations of developers or other players. For example, a level with a remix of some popular composition, a duel map in the style of the Wild West or a copy of Dust II from Counter-Strike.

5. Playing Fortnite is fun

The shooter is popular for a reason – it is an exciting, colorful and deep game. It’s easy to figure out, but it’s hard to start winning. As in any “battle royale”, every match in Fortnite is different from all the others. You never know what weapons you will come across, where you will have to pass, with whom to fight.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fortnite

And the construction mechanics add a new layer of gameplay. Unlike other games in the genre, in Fortnite you can create your own shelters. Whether the player will be able to take the first place or not depends largely on his ability to quickly leave the line of fire, building a fort. And also from tactical thinking: the enemy can often be outsmarted.

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