7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games


Motherlode, IDDQD, noclip and other cheats that are known to almost every gamer.

1. Doom — IDDQD

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

Doom is one of the main games in history, so it is not surprising that the codes from it remained in the memory of the gaming community. The most famous cheat from the shooter is IDDQD, which gives invulnerability. It consists of the name of the game’s development studio (ID) and the name of the comic brotherhood that one of the programmers allegedly founded in college – “Delta-Ku-Delta”.

Even after almost 20 years since the release of the shooter, cheat code is often found in Internet folklore. For example, one of the esports teams on Overwatch Uses I DDQD code as the name, and DJ Smash in 2008 Baptized IDDQD so his first album.

2. Konami Games — ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

The key sequence, dubbed the Konami Code, first appeared in the NES version of the scrolling shooter Gradius, and was later present in all the studio’s projects. More often than not, cheat makes games easier. So, in Gradius, he gives the player all the weapons and shields, in the shooter Contra – 30 lives, in the arcade about teenage mutant ninja turtles TMNT II – the ability to choose a level.

Konami code doesn’t just appear in games. For example, it can be seen in the animated film “Ralph”, it is answered by voice assistants Siri and Alexa, and some sites show funny Easter eggs when the user enters the code on the keyboard.

3. Age of Empires Series — BIGDADDY

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

The projects of the Age of Empires franchise are strategies in which the player controls a civilization passing through several historical eras. Thanks to this original idea, the battles in the games look very unusual: soldiers with guns oppose the archers, and war elephants collide with the cavalry.

The BIGDADDY code brings even more chaos to the battle: it summons a huge black sedan equipped with a rocket launcher. This is a very powerful unit that easily deals with almost any opponents and can even single-handedly destroy an enemy base.

Despite the fact that the cheat works only in the first and second parts of the series, it is loved by fans: they even do Shirts Age of Empires — Big Daddy with the image of the unit.

4. The Sims Series – MOTHERLODE

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

In The Sims, the player controls the virtual life of one or more characters. He arranges the house, chooses a job, finds wives or husbands for his wards, solves their problems and monitors the mood.

As in life, sometimes the money in this game is no longer enough. Many in such situations turn to cheat codes. For example, motherlode is introduced, which gives 50,000 units of in-game currency. For most needs, this amount is enough, but for confidence, players sometimes use the code several times, so as not to deny themselves anything.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — HESOYAM

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

The Grand Theft Auto action series is known for elaborate open worlds, brutality and satire. But the games are united by another feature: the ruthless design of the missions. If the player during the task dies from a fall from a great height or dense enemy fire, then the mission is considered a failure – you have to go through it from the very beginning.

Fortunately, in San Andreas, the developers provided players with a way to restore health and at the same time get $250,000 – this is the HESOYAM code. It is especially useful during missions, when the hero’s health is greatly reduced.

But it can be used for other needs as well. For example, to add money to yourself if you don’t have enough for something, or to fix the car in which the character is located.

6. Bethesda Games – tgm

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

Studio Bethesda creates mainly RPGs – series The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. And in almost all the games of these developers, the same cheat codes operate, because the projects are based on one engine.

The main cheat code of all is tgm (short for toggle god mode). It gives the player invulnerability. A great way to get out of a difficult situation, for example, if the hero accidentally found himself in the middle of a horde of enemies without potions of treatment, or just have fun. With immortality turned on, you can do anything with impunity: jump off the rocks, fight bears with your bare hands, fight with guards.

7. Valve Games – noclip

7 Great Cheat Codes from Video Games

In most valve games — in particular, the Half-Life and Portal series — special emphasis is always placed on the plot. Heroes explore locations, listen to dialogues, learn more about the history of the world through the details of the environment. And thanks to the verified art direction and excellent design, what is happening in these games seems like magic: you often want to look beyond the level to see more.

The noclip code allows you to do just that: fly through walls and fences, consider the entire location, see where the characters that have gone beyond the player’s visibility go. And it is also useful in situations where you do not know how to get to the next location: you can just fly to the point of level change.

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