How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health

To avoid serious problems, follow six simple rules.

1. Take care of your eyes

How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health
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Looking at any screen for a long time is harmful. Your eyes tense up and wet worse because you start blinking less often. This is fraught with headache, dry eyes and other unpleasant consequences.

Fortunately, avoiding long-term vision problems is easy. American scientists Created American Optometric Association 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, you need to look for 20 seconds at objects that are at least 20 feet (6 meters) away.

In order not to forget about rest for the eyes, you can set a timer yourself or use special applications. For example, 20 twenty 20 for Android and Eye Care 20 20 20 for iOS.

2. Sit properly

How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health

Few sofas and chairs help keep posture. But it is necessary to do this, otherwise the body weight begins to be incorrectly distributed along the spine, slouching appears. This is Threatens Correct posture is the key to human health serious problems with the back, impaired blood circulation in the body, malfunction of internal organs, increased fatigue.

The best way to maintain posture is to buy furniture that will support your back. For example, a special gaming chair. They are not cheap (as a rule, not less than 10,000 rubles), but health is more expensive.

3. Stand up periodically

How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health

Scientists Equate, What are the risks of sitting too much? Long sitting in place to smoking and obesity in terms of health hazards. Office workers and avid gamers have increased pressure and cholesterol levels, fat appears on the sides.

Counteracting these effects is simple. Get up at least once an hour for 10 minutes to walk around the apartment, go to the store, take out the garbage – in general, move. An hour of moderate physical activity per day can neutralize the negative impact of long sitting.

4. Exercise

How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health

There is an opinion that video games and sports are incompatible, but this is not so. E-sportsmen play for 8-12 hours a day and still Emit The importance of exercise training for esports athletes, time to keep yourself in proper physical shape.

Physical activity is necessary for almost every person, regardless of the type of activity and hobby. It is not necessary to press hundreds of kilograms from the chest and scatter tractor tires. To keep the muscles in good shape, it is enough to go for a run at least once a week and do 10-15 push-ups and squats every day.

Exercise affects not only physical health, but also Psychological Exercise for Mental Health. Mood improves, stress levels decrease, and more energy appears.

You can combine physical activity and your favorite hobby. For example, going out with Pokémon GO running on a smartphone to collect and grow Pokémon while running. Another option is to buy Kinect for Xbox One, HTC Vive for PC or PSVR for PlayStation 4. On these platforms, there are great games that need to move a lot: Beat Saber, Kinect Sports Rivals, Just Dance, Gorn and others.

5. Don’t Forget to Drink and Eat

How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health

Games are incredibly exciting: it is easy to spend several hours in a row in them, forgetting about all the needs of the body. But you need at least once an hour to distract yourself from the gameplay and check whether you have a feeling of hunger and thirst. Irregular meals Provokes Problems of nutrition of a modern student, chronic diseases of the digestive system.

It is best to drink water. Coffee, soda, energy or alcoholic beverages should be abandoned: they, on the contrary, cause thirst. And hunger should be satisfied with full-fledged dishes of vegetables, fruits or meat, rather than sandwiches or chips.

6. Go to bed on time

How to Enjoy Video Games Without Harm to Health

It is also easy to forget about rest in the thick of things. Sometimes gamers sacrifice a few hours of sleep for the sake of games and go to bed well past midnight.

You shouldn’t do that. By preferring to play to sleep, you are denying your body and brain a good rest. From this, you can reduce the amount of energy and deteriorate Modern ideas about stress and the protective role of sleep resistance to stress.

Moreover, it is best to stop playing about an hour before going to bed. Investigations Show The Effect of Presleep Video-Game Playing on Adolescent Sleept hat people who play before going to bed fall asleep longer. Video games stimulate the brain with gameplay and vivid moving pictures, and the screen of a monitor or TV enhances the effect with exposure to blue light.


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